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Treatment that fills and tightens wrinkles and sagging skin in 24 hours. After the application, 54-year-old Cheryl’s face was shown on TV channels in several U.S. states!

By Brooke Dawson. Skincare Editor. | March 12th, 2024| 10:17 am EST - 462.328 👁


"We have achieved the impossible" - this is how the representative of the exclusive Glov Beauty brand, which a month ago launched an anti-aging treatment with serum that mimics the effect of Babybotox, began her speech at the SkinAwards. And she's right, because flattening 99.7% of facial wrinkles around the eyes without botulinum toxin injections used to be unimaginable. Today it has become a reality - and the metamorphosis of a 54-year-old woman from Pomona, CA , 24 hours after trying the Glov Micro Infusion System has reached TV channels and social media across the U.S.

Glov Beauty Microinfusion System - at home wrinkle reduction for the face and neck.

13 months of thorough laboratory research. 150 active ingredients tested in a wide variety of formulations and ratios. A team of 9 outstanding dermatology and skincare experts, and here it is: the only anti-aging treatment already hailed in the industry as a liquid Botox that fills in firm wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin in just 15 hours.

Do you feel like your face looks years older than you actually are? Don't like the wrinkles and folds that have marked the delicate skin around your mouth, neck and eyes? Get to know the revolutionary wrinkle filler that restores the elasticity and smoothness of your complexion from 17-20 years ago from the very first application.


Effect on day 3 after using the groundbreaking Glov Microinfusion System

Among the first people to test the breakthrough wrinkle-reducing treatment is a 54-year-old woman, Cheryl from Pomona, CA - whose photo has been shown on television and websites in California, Nevada, Florida, Oklahoma, Texas and Arizona. In New York, we are the first to show it.

"I looked like a wrinkled old apple".

Cheryl’s story is moving. "A year ago, I fell asleep on the beach in the blazing sun. According to dermatologists and aestheticians, the wrinkles caused by this sunburn are irreversible..


The wrinkles and spots after sunbathing turned me into a wrinkled old lady - I hated my reflection in the mirror.

In my forties, more and more wrinkles naturally formed on my face - I particularly disliked the very pronounced eye and forehead area - that elongated, deep crease that ran from the inner corner of my eye to the middle of my cheek. It was difficult to conceal such pronounced wrinkles with make-up, but I tried. And while the wrinkles and hollows in my complexion that gradually appeared with age did not fill me with optimism, but at least gave me time to get used to them, the event a year ago completely changed my face and left me unable to look in the mirror for many long months.

During a dream vacation in sunny Florida, I fell into a blissful sleep on the beach one day around noon. After 1.5 hours, I woke up with a tremendous pain and a burning sensation on my skin. As I was wearing a beach kimono, my unprotected face suffered the most.... My face was covered in blisters, the skin was peeling and it looked terrible.... The sunburn was so bad that I spent the next two days in hospital with bandages on my face, and the specialists there were under no illusions - the furrows, scars and wrinkles caused by the burns would be with me for the rest of my life."

"The Glov Micro Infusion System made my complexion silky smooth, firm and taut in 2 weeks."

Today, there is no trace of the deep wrinkles and scars on Cheryl's face - and not thanks to plastic surgery, laser therapy or Botox injections.

"After the first few months when I broke down and didn't want to leave the house, I slowly started to recover. I had the support of my husband and daughters and spent more and more time researching methods that could help me regain my former appearance - I had even considered taking out a loan for an operation that would allow a surgeon to try and restore my pre-fire complexion.

And I probably would have gone into debt for that 8,000 to 12,000 dollars and put myself under the unfortunate scalpel if a confluence of news and events hadn't suddenly turned out in my favor. First, I read information about the microinfusion sample on an online forum, and then my daughter sent me a direct application form she had found on the manufacturer's website. The promise of filling in the tightest, deepest wrinkles in 24 hours more effectively than Baby Botox sounded like a savior in my life at that moment. The answer to the application came the very next day.

1705640318-french email.webp__PID:78d34d18-51fd-464a-977d-e060be66a45c

I was invited to test the modern microinfusion device from Glov Beauty!

I was very excited because I had a deep feeling that this was my chance to look like I did years ago. I imagined my new, smoothed, velvety face, no longer disfigured by those horrible deep wrinkles and sunburn marks. I imagined how I would feel when I looked in the mirror again and saw a face that looked my age and had no extra years on it. I began to believe that I would still be happy, that it could really happen!

"The wrinkles and lines were gone after one night - it wasn't a dream".

"I know what I'm about to say sounds unbelievable, but it really happened and I experienced it first-hand. In the truest sense of the word.

I tested this innovative device as soon as I received the package. Every day I had to document the results by taking photos of my face at 10am, 3pm and 8pm. At first I was surprised by the frequency of the photos, but after the first night I realized why. The first time I stamped my skin with the microinfusion device in the evening - as recommended by the manufacturer. I woke up in the morning and couldn't believe my eyes. The wrinkles were much smaller, there were no deep creases, even the deepest lines seemed much shallower and the crow's feet had practically disappeared! I touched my face with my fingers, looked at myself from all sides, I couldn't believe the effect that was visible so quickly and almost IMMEDIATELY! I cried with happiness, and that was just the beginning.

Untitled design (81).png__PID:d81574eb-ab57-4c2f-9538-6ecc21f59c97

Is that really me? In the evening I had a network of crow's feet around my eyes - THESE ARE GONE!

From that day on, my face began to change day by day. We were all - including my husband and daughters - very shocked. Of course, I had hoped that this Microinfusion System would help to plump up my wrinkles and improve the appearance of my face, but these effects were a kind of magic that exceeded my wildest expectations! Every morning I looked in disbelief at my increasingly firm face, where more and more wrinkles, fine lines and sun discoloration were disappearing. The skin under my eyes became firmer, denser, softer and smoother, as if someone had worked on it with an iron. I got rid of the deep valley of tears, the bruises and the bags under my eyes, I no longer have facial wrinkles and crow's feet, even the burn scars that were supposed to stay with me forever have been filled in.... I don't have the words to describe how happy I am. My transformation even wowed the makers of the product themselves, and my photo appeared on TV channels, news and websites all over America - it was a shock!"

Cheryl got rid of the deepest and most stubborn wrinkles in 14 days and avoided surgical Botox treatment. And what will the breakthrough Glov Microinfusion System do for you?

The luxurious anti-wrinkle treatment that gave Cheryl a youthful complexion and made wrinkles and hard-to-remove sun scars disappear is a 21st century cosmetological discovery that works on four levels simultaneously:


1. Reduces 99.7% of wrinkles - you will see the first results in just 15 hours.

Wrinkles appear earliest around the eyes because the skin in this area is only 0.5 mm thick - it is extremely thin and also has no sebaceous or sweat glands. Clinical studies have confirmed that the revolutionary Glov Microinfusion System fills up to 99.7% of facial, sun and gravity wrinkles precisely in this area, which is the most difficult to smooth. The effect of the strong tightening and increased elasticity of the skin around the eyes is already visible in 199/200 people 15 hours after the first application.


2. Shows an effect that mimics a baby Botox. They remove wrinkles without injections or surgery!

Glov Microinfusion System bases its effectiveness on celebrity-loved microneedle treatment which, thanks to 0.5mm thick 24k gold needles, can stimulate collagen building process in the skin - in this case imitating 1:1 skin replenishment with several small doses of Botox. The innovative treatment was developed precisely for the special tasks that even surgeons are often unable to perform - because it is almost impossible to mechanically insert a needle into such sensitive areas right next to the eyeball.

1687859979-Untitled design (1).webp__PID:af905488-315d-4456-ae4e-098ec5d6eb78

3. Inhibits the involuntary facial contractions that cause facial wrinkles to form. MAINTAIN YOUR YOUTHFUL APPEARANCE INTO OLD AGE

Every day you use around 62 facial muscles - to speak, express emotions, laugh, cry, yawn, blink and so on. After years of repeating the same movements, wrinkles become firmer and deeper. The revolutionary Microinfusion System blocks involuntary, unconscious neuromuscular microcontractions, thus balancing skin tension and preventing the hardening of facial wrinkles - especially around the eyes.


4. Increases the density and cohesion of the skin by up to 87% after just one application.

The dermatologist-approved 24 karat gold needles included in Glov Microinfusion System penetrate the intercellular matrix - collagen and elastin fibers - filled with youth proteins from the very first application. In this way, it increases the tension, elasticity, density and cohesion of the skin by up to 87%, fills in deep wrinkles, prevents skin thinning, evens out skin tone, improves hydration, smoothes the complexion and gives it an incredible glow.

A representative of the renowned skincare brand Glov Beauty, which has already launched an exclusive anti-aging treatment as a replacement for Botox, which has already won awards at seven skincare conferences, comments on the popularity of the revolutionary formula as follows:

1695903087-WhatsApp Image 2023-09-28 at 17.10.58.webp__PID:8ec5d6eb-78d3-4d18-91fd-b64a177de060

"Our aim was not to develop an ordinary anti-wrinkle cream like those found in many drugstores. This luxurious Microinfusion System with rejuvenating anti-aging serum is a precious liquid facelift with the same effect as botulinum toxin fillers - only without surgery, risky procedures and with immediate results that last - no weeks of swelling, no soreness and no need to repeat injections every six months. Clinical observations and studies on a group of 200 women aged 31 to 69 have proven that deep facial wrinkles, crow's feet, bags and dark circles under the eyes and eye bags are reduced in just 15 hours and disappear completely within 10 to 14 days. This is a new era of wrinkle reduction that sets back the biological and visual age of the skin by up to 20 years"

Dominic Asgari, dermatology expert at Glov Beauty

4x firmer facial skin - even at the age of 50 and 60

Since the launch of the Glov Microinfusion System to the general public, the internet has been full of positive reviews and spectacular changes shared online by thousands of women and men. When will you join them?


A Photoshop and Botox effect in one! 3 days and no sign of the everlasting crow's feet. WOW!


The bruises and bags under my eyes disappeared after just one night. Unbelievable.


Maximum skin tightening and immediate wrinkle reduction in the eye area. My beautician couldn't believe what she saw when I came in for my appointment!


This serum is magical. I'm 55 years old and now look 30 at most - at least that's what my husband says, and I agree with him! ♥

The phenomenal effectiveness of the exclusive Glov Microinfusion System has also been confirmed by renowned centers of aesthetic medicine outside the United States - including in South Korea and Europe. It is the most recommended anti-aging treatment in 2024, and beauticians estimate that by the end of this year, one in three people in the U.S. will have stopped skin aging with Glov Microinfusion System, which has the same effect as baby botox. You too can regain the youthful appearance of 20 years ago and get rid of the age lines around your eyes in just 15 hours. Get ready for amazing results that will blow your mind.

A radiant and smooth complexion at any age - stop the aging process and "iron out" wrinkles in 24 hours. This Glov Microinfusion System fills in 99.6% of wrinkles and prevents new wrinkles from forming!

Imagine how nice it will be to look at yourself in the mirror and see a young, smooth, silky, firm and supple complexion, with no wrinkles around the eyes, no crow's feet and no blue bags under the eyes. You look fantastic without even a hint of make-up, and when you walk down the street with your daughter, people think you're sisters. You feel more beautiful than ever before. You know for a fact that your complexion doesn't betray your age, but looks luminous, smooth and radiant - just like it did when you were 25. You have saved several thousand dollars, no scalpel and no needles, the wrinkles have simply disappeared - you are beautiful, rejuvenated, attractive and self-confident - that makes you want to live, doesn't it?

So don't wait any longer - the brand representative Glov Beauty has prepared a special offer especially for our readers.

If you want to get rid of even the deepest and most stubborn wrinkles around the eyes in no time and, like Cheryl - the heroine of this article - regain a flawless face without crow's feet, furrows and wrinkles, click on the link below. It will redirect you to the distributor's official website where you can purchase the original luxury anti-ageing lifting formula at an exclusive discount. Do it right now before the daily discount limit is exhausted.


Get an exclusive Glov Microinfusion System with a special discount and remove age wrinkles around the eyes in just 15 hours ♥ >>>

You can take advantage of this unique offer for 3 days only!



LIMITED-TIME READER CAMPAIGN: If you order now, you will receive a 70% discount on Glov Microinfusion System™. Only available here. Only for the first 200 customers.

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