Glov Micro Infusion System Instructions

When will I see results?

Glov Micro-infusion treatment serves as a highly efficacious skin enhancement procedure, with noticeable improvements such as enhanced radiance, diminished fine lines, and an overall rejuvenated complexion expected within the subsequent one to two days.

Engaging in multiple sessions of this treatment yields cumulative benefits for your skin over time. This convenient at-home facial is particularly advantageous when scheduled a day or two prior to significant events, providing a rapid complexion boost.

Remember to maintain consistency with your daily skincare regimen to augment the impact of your Glov Micro-Infusion outcomes and ensure the long-term health, hydration, and luminosity of your skin.


How often can I do the treatment?

To achieve the best results, we advise undergoing a Glov Micro-Infusion treatment every two weeks.


How do I open the Glov Serum ampoule/ vial?

Our serums are presented in glass vials, featuring a rubber stopper sealed with aluminum to maintain the sterility of the serum during treatment.

For a fully detailed video on how to do it, please check our YouTube video: https://youtube.com/shorts/jUNu-xzdmzM

Here are the step-by-step instructions:

1. Grip the body of the serum vial securely with one hand. Locate the arrow on the cap lid and open it by flipping from the end indicated by the arrow.
2. Once the seal is broken, grasp the cap and gently bend the silver seal away from the serum vial until it is almost snapped off.
3. Peel off the silver seal from the top of the serum vial and dispose of it in the designated bin.
4. Extract the rubber stopper and carefully pour the serum into your Glov Micro-Infusion device.

What is the optimal time for performing Glov micro-infusion?

It is advisable to undergo the treatment at night, just before bedtime. To enhance the efficacy of the procedure, it is recommended to avoid sun exposure and refrain from using makeup for the following 24 hours. For additional details, refer to the provided information.


What advantages does Glov Microinfusion System offer?

The Micro-Infusion device, equipped with fine needles and a stamping action, initiates the body's natural healing process, stimulating collagen production. This process contributes to firmer skin and a reduction in the visibility of fine lines.

The primary benefits of your Glov Micro-Infusion treatment are determined by the serum booster you choose to infuse. The device's very fine hollow needles deliver micro-droplets of concentrated serum at a specific depth into the dermis, precisely targeting areas that require attention. This accelerates the absorption of active ingredients, addressing specific skin concerns.

The flexibility to alternate between different serums or even combine them provides a personalized approach to your treatments.

Additional benefits include:

Improvement in skin tone and texture
Attainment of a radiant, fresh complexion
Softening of fine lines
Achieving firmer and rejuvenated skin


Are there potential side effects?

Individual skin responses vary, and it is possible to experience slight redness in the skin during the initial hours post-treatment. However, this redness is typically minimal and tends to dissipate rapidly.

It is advisable to consult with your dermatologist or doctor before using the product, especially if you have any existing skin conditions. Conducting a patch test on a less exposed area of your skin before undergoing the treatment is also recommended. This step provides valuable insights into how your skin may react and helps anticipate any potential downtime associated with the procedure.


What is the sensation during Glov Micro-Infusion treatment, and is it painful?

The experience is commonly described as a minor prick, with many individuals asserting that it is virtually painless.

The utilization of ultra-fine needles (0.5mm length) in our Glov Microinfusion devices ensures that the treatment is associated with minimal pain. While there might be a slight sensation of discomfort or occasional pricking at the onset of the treatment, individuals tend to acclimate to the feeling swiftly.


How does home micro-needling rolling differ from Glov Micro-Infusion?

While micro-needling primarily aims to stimulate the body's collagen production through micro-injuries, it does not directly introduce active ingredients into the skin.

In contrast, Glov Micro-Infusion not only capitalizes on the benefits of micro-needling for collagen stimulation but also facilitates the direct delivery of active ingredient solutions to address specific skin concerns. This dual action results in a faster and more effective treatment.


How do I clean the Glov Micro Infusion device?

After completing your skin-stamping session for a brighter and plumper complexion, adhere to the following cleaning instructions:

Twist off the needle head along with the attached cap and dispose of it safely.
Rinse the chamber thoroughly with water and a mild cleanser.
Allow the device to air-dry completely on a clean surface before storing it away.
Unpack a new needle head and affix it onto the device. Ensure that your hands are clean and avoid opening the cap of the needle head during this process.