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x12 Headers Sterile Disposable 0.5mm Needle Heads

x12 Headers Sterile Disposable 0.5mm Needle Heads

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Sterile Disposable Needle Heads - X12 Headers 0.5mm

Refills include sterile needle heads to attach to your Micro-Infusion device.

Each needle head is to be used one time per treatment, and disposed of after each treatment. This minimizes the risk of infection and unnecessary damage to the skin. Use one full serum ampoule per treatment.

Please keep in mind that not all serums are suitable for micro-infusion. Some may cause irritation and should be avoided! We have developed our potent serum ampoules that are perfect for Glov's micro-infusion system. They are formulated to have a low risk of irritation and with no fragrance.


When it comes to finding the perfect sterile disposable needle, the X12 Headers Sterile Disposable 0.5mm Needle Heads provide the ideal solution for various professional and personal applications. The quality of the needles you utilize is crucial because not all needles are made to the same standard. These particular needle heads stand out because of their high-quality construction and reliable performance.

The X12 Headers needle heads are designed for precision. With a 0.5mm size, these needles are perfect for detailed work that requires accuracy. Such meticulous attention to quality ensures that there is minimal discomfort, and the risk of infection is greatly reduced, making these an excellent choice for individuals and professionals alike.

The sterile disposable needle heads are individually packed to maintain hygiene and safety. This aspect is essential because it guarantees that each needle head is free from contaminants, protecting both the user and the recipient. The convenience of disposable needles means there is no need to worry about sterilization after each use, saving time and effort.

In terms of usage, these needle heads are versatile. They can be employed in a variety of fields, including medical, cosmetic, and DIY projects, because of their adaptability and precision. This versatility makes them a valuable addition to any toolkit, ensuring you have the right tool for the job at all times.

Moreover, the design of the X12 Headers needle heads takes user comfort into consideration. The needles are constructed to be efficient and reliable, so you can focus on your task without worrying about needle performance. The 0.5mm size is ideal for applications where detail is crucial, and this size ensures you achieve the desired results every time.

In summary, the X12 Headers Sterile Disposable 0.5mm Needle Heads offer an exceptional combination of precision, hygiene, and convenience. Their design and packaging ensure that they are ready for use straight out of the box, making them a practical and reliable choice for a wide range of applications. Whether you are a professional seeking high-quality tools or an individual working on detailed projects, these needle heads will meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

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